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Dear Small Business Owner : Does any of this sound familiar to you: "I'm so overwhelmed." "I just can't keep doing this on my own anymore." "Sure, I want my business to grow but I just don't have the manpower." Kudos to you and all you do but, you don't have to do it alone anymore! Note Worthy Ventures, LLC has adept and accountable contractors available to fill your small business administrative needs. We offer CUSTOMIZED, CONCISE AND COST-EFFECTIVE business solutions tailored to your needs, in accordance with your sustainable budget. So what are you waiting for? Don't spend another day trying to tackle it all. Give us a call! Your dedicated business consultant is ready to discuss how our skills and experience can benefit you. *** "Please NOTE our company's value, standard and belief : Your business is WORTHY for us to proudly safeguard and bolster, whatever your VENTURES may be!"

How does this whole contracting thing work?

So glad you asked! We've put together a team of Client Service Professionals skilled in Administrative Services, including but not limited to Customer Relationship Management, Verbal, Written and Electronic Communications, Data Security, Billing and Collections, Sales, Marketing and Product Support! Most of our CSPs have held or are still currently holding highly responsible positions in a corporate setting and just seeking to earn additional revenue from their home office. However, we may have CSPs willing to service your business on-site. Note Worthy Ventures, LLC handles all Statements of Work and Payroll and we will work with your business to create a Training program or Virtual Office solution if needed.. That's right! You get quality assistance with managing the daily operations of your business or managing a specific project without hiring an employee!

A Client Service Professional Perfect for You!

Note Worthy Ventures, LLC has Virtual Assistants available with field expertise in the following industries: Food Service * Retail * Medical * Dental * Insurance * Cable * Painting * Groundskeeping * Transportation and our directory is continually expanding! Call our Business Consultant now and tell us what you need. We can assist with that!

Notary Public and Wedding Officiant

A Notary Public is available to certify your documents as an impartial witness. Your notary is pleased to plan and officiate your nominal wedding!

[coming soon] Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

Note Worthy Ventures, LLC seeks to protect and support your business as a whole. We believe EVERYBODY'S A BUSINESS OWNER because EVERY BODY'S A BUSINESS! Business Strategies you can employ to put yourself in charge of a sustainable and successful venture: Your Body Parts = Your Team: Be sure their workload is manageable and give them time to rest so the business will run smoothly. Pay for their health care, provide them with relaxing breaks, and reward them often with well-balanced meals and healthy snacks. Your Movement = Your Money: Sure, you can take out a loan against the business for a big purchase (push your body beyond its capabilities), but eventually, you’re going to have to pay off that bill (deal with system dysfunction like dehydration, exhaustion, injury and pain). Our Master Personal Trainer, certified by the International Sports Sciences Association's College of Exercise Science, has received comprehensive education in Integrated Health Coaching, Nutrition, Corrective Exercise, Strength and Conditioning to assist in achieving and maintaining your fitness and nutrition goals.. Your Transformation Specialist is passionate about holistic health care and ready to partner with you in obtaining work-life balance! Join our waiting list now and get your consultation, assessment and 2 weeks of training for only $20 when you mention offer code I-NV-Yourhealth

Interested in Independent Contracting?

Contact us now to apply, enroll in our Service Readiness and Soft Skills Training programs and certify as a Client Service Professional! For a limited time only, Application Fee and Certification Programs only $20 each when you mention offer code 5-C-Stellar!. Fees cover the cost of your background check and training to partner with our company but do not include any additional training, materials or equipment required by our Clients when accepting a contract to service. As an independent contractor, fees paid may eligible for tax deduction.

Business Coaching and Consulting Services

Note Worthy Ventures is your service partner in business process. Your business coach is ready to inspire you to maximize your personal and professional potential by identifying your niche and mapping out a plan for success.. Your business consultant is waiting to help you succeed in bringing your goals to fruition with an abudance of research, resources and training to stream-line your startup, employee development and customer relationship management needs. We are proud to extend our Client Service Professional training to individuals as well including: Service Readiness (editing, revising and proofreading your existing resume and cover letter to professional standard, mock-interviewing and accountability awareness) Soft Skills Training (tips and tricks for establishing positive rapport, proper verbiage, in-person, telephone, email and chat etiquette and deescalating and mitigating egregious events) Leadership Development (tips and tricks for success as supervisor, manager, quality assurance or performance facilitator)


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All services & products
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Office Administrative Service

Wedding Officiant

General Translation

Business Coaching & Training

Management Consultant

Personal Trainer

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